The conflict between Traditional Journalism and branded Journalism

Branded Journalism– Brand Journalism also known as Content marketing, is not a new kid on the block. This style and form of marketing has been around since the early days the late 1800’s. It’s was first used by John Deere the Tractor company, with their magazine for Farmers named, “The Furrow”, the magazine provided Farmers with Farmer related information. John Deere however at that time did not make any attempts at pushing sales. The Magazine grew in popularity and continues to be a guide to Farmers this very day and time.(2014,Gibson)

Branded Journalism, what is Brand Journalism exactly? I would say personally it is a marketers dream. Possibly not the most favorite course of writing for some journalist, it can basically be considered a combination of news-gathering of a brand and information presented to current customers and new prospective customers. These could include Business to Business or Business to Consumer. It is also a way for the brand and customer to build a long lasting relationship. I personally think of my relationship with SEARS, my family and myself have been customers of SEARS since my Grand dad took a liking to their service and their products. Not to get off subject, but to be more specific and on to the point. According to “Thomas Scott” is not pitching a sales pitch to customers. It is giving them brand information to inform customers. Stories used in Brand journalism help both Brands and consumers relate to each other better. (Scott, 2012)

 Advantages of Brand journalism

The advantages of Brand Journalism is that new ground can be covered in short periods of time due to the platforms of the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

According to “Thomas Scott”, brand journalism has opened the door for companies and consumers to go beyond the need for a product and service. It is the new platform where both a new company and customer can build a long lasting relationship. “Gathering, writing and publishing brand journalism-style stories for your company website, blog, social media and online PR efforts is what it takes to earn and keep the attention of these potential customers.”(Scott, 2012)

Brand journalism merges business to business together just like the previous research written about article written by “Dvorkin” as he stated ”Welcome to the emerging world of brand journalism—marketers using the tools of digital publishing and social media to speak directly to consumers. “(DVorkin, 2013) He also stated in another paragraph.“Marketers have been connecting with their Facebook fans and Twitter followers for some time. Now, they’re engaging with news consumers on and in our magazine.” (DVorkin, 2013)

Disadvantages of Brand journalism

Whenever we hear the word Journalism we automatically think of news reporter and the associated press. There’s not ever a moment of thought with in our minds to think of Journalism as a method of marketing. When you think of it as consumer, you want all the information you can obtain about any subject or brand. Yet you also want to know what’s going on in your world and you don’t want to be confused about it in any way. This is a conflict of the two types of journalism, the traditional news informing Journalism and the Brand Journalism.

It has become difficult for consumers to differentiate between traditional journalism and brand journalism. Branded journalism has crossed over it’s boundaries. Branded journalism is running ads next to and with the news and with programming. There’s actual news being reported, but cross promoting other products. This has been the result of the economic downsizing or down turn of newsgathering and news delivery. As consumers stop paying for the news services, then news services had to figure out how to stay in business, how to continue services and how to deliver it online. Along with the constant growth and popularity of social media services.   (2014,Gibson)


As humanity moves forward ahead into the future, we tend to try to simplify our life styles, sometimes with in finding a simpler way of living we come across obstacles. I think of this conflict as an obstacle. We know that all obstacles are not dead ends that said please read the following comment about what some media companies are doing to adjust to the industry change.

Another way to see the advantages of brand journalism is that for the professional journalist it can be a not so difficult transformation to switch from writing material or creating stories for newsgathering. The professional journalists already have the acquired skillset to create marketable content for organizations in search of well-qualified journalist.

 Mashable are one of the midsize companies with in a larger company who utilize brand marketing as a way to build views through content sharing. According to Matt Silverman, Editorial Director for Mashable, “ We’re trying to produce strategically, so that we do not waste a lot of our Resources on content that won’t build an audience for us in the future. Our Ethos as a media company is like, sharable content we’re good at social media. Our content is good on social media (School, C. J. n.d.).




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